DDB, Colenso and AWARD join forces for leaked email subterfuge

It’s fair to assume most of us have experienced that horrible feeling when you push send on an email and realise it’s gone to the wrong person. It’s a peril of the modern world and, in many cases, the email chain that ends up going public usually offers up a healthy dose of schadenfreude. So, in an effort to drum up some interest in the end of year graduation show for AWARD school tonight, DDB, Colenso and a couple of AWARD School students conducted something of an experiment with a ‘leaked email’ that showed up the industry’s insatiable desire for whoopsies.  

DDB’s Lisa Fedyszyn says they briefed the AWARD school students to come up with an EDM to advertise their graduation night and Douglas Moores and Trong Ronakiat had the idea of a leaked email.

“We ran the idea past Toby [Talbot] and he was happy to be the fall guy. As was Vanessa Eustace, his PA, who since the incident has received calls and emails checking she was alright and that Toby hadn’t been too hard on her,” she says. “Then we asked Steve Cochran to leak it to all staff at Colenso. And from there it has done the rounds. And it was even reported for real on admedia.co.nz.”

Here’s the ’email’:

On 15/11/2011, at 9:47 PM, “Steve Cochran” <[email protected]> wrote:

Hmmm… seems like DDB are now trying to steal staff before we’ve even hired them.


On 16/11/11 9:31 AM, “Vanessa Eustace” <[email protected]> wrote:

Whoops! Yes it was. Please ignore.



On  16/11/11 9:29 AM, “Steve Cochran” <[email protected]> wrote:

Think this was meant for another Steve, but thanks for the tip off Van.


On 16/11/11 9:24 AM, “Vanessa Eustace” <[email protected]> wrote:

Hey Steve,

Tobes wants you to pop down to the Award School graduation next Tuesday and hire some good young talent. Starts 6:30pm at the Gin Room in Vulcan Lane. Write me back if want someone else to go with you.



On 16/11/11 9:08 AM, “Toby Talbot” <[email protected]> wrote:

Hey Van,

As I’m away next Tuesday, can you make sure someone is at the AWARD School show. I’ve heard there are a few goodies in that group, so want to get the best 2 or 4 before Colenso, FCB or any of those other bastards do.

Get Steve K to check it out.


A couple of people forwarded the emails to us here at StopPress last week, one of which read: “Hey Ben, a hilarious, if accidental plug for the award school show on Tuesday. Some great students this year so I hear. Too good not to share.”

Job done. Trickery, it seems, will get you everywhere.

For all of you who want to head along and take a leaf out of Mr Talbot’s book:

Date: Tuesday 22nd November

Time: 6.30-10.30pm

Venue: Gin Room,

1st Floor, 12 Vulcan Lane,

Queens Ferry Hotel Building,



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