Zavy and StopPress have worked together to create a scoreboard that compares how the top 25 traditional media advertising spenders in New Zealand have performed on social media over the past 30 days, updated in real time.

Duncan Shand on kids, culture, and climate change


The new woke consumer strongly believes that the efforts of governments and businesses are still inadequate. Here, Duncan Shand gives his advice on how marketers should be encouraging organisations to meet new consumer expectations.

I hired the guy who brought a clown as a support person to a redundancy meeting. Here’s why.


You may of heard of the story that went viral in New Zealand and further abroad about an Auckland man who works in advertising and brought a clown as a support person with him to the redundancy meeting. DDB regional chief creative officer for Australia and New Zealand Damon Stapleton recently hired this man, and shares how the story struck him as an example of how creativity can change the rules of any situation and get your power back.