VML launches ‘Conquer the Weekend’ campaign for Ford

New Zealanders are a pretty understated bunch. Ask them how their weekend was and no matter how action-packed it was was, they’ll say, ‘yeah nah, pretty chilled’.

This insight fuelled the idea behind ‘Conquer the Weekend,’ VML’s latest work for the Ford Everest SUV – the market leading SUV in New Zealand since 2022.

The campaign, which was shot over 2 days, shows just how much can be packed into one weekend with an Everest, narrated in a classic Kiwi tone of voice.

Shot within the Auckland environs, a suite of camera tech including drones and purpose-built tracking vehicles was deployed to put the viewer in the front seat for a weekend of adventures, with Everest being put through its paces all along the way.

Rachel White, Marketing Manager of Passenger Vehicles at Ford said, “Everest is New Zealand Car of the Year 2023, Large SUV Best in Class 2023, and Company Vehicle Large SUV of the Year 2023 for good reason: it’s great for work but it also rules the weekend, and as New Zealanders we love to make the most of those.

“Everest is ready for whatever adventure you and your family want to throw at it, and we enjoyed demonstrating that in ‘Conquer the weekend’ campaign.”

Sarah White, VML Art Director commented, “While our character keeps his description of the weekend’s events quintessentially Kiwi and understated, we wanted to contrast this with what you can actually do with the Ford Everest. Reel Factory’s off-roading tracking vehicle made it possible for us to capture dynamic moments at pace and really show off the capability of the Ford Everest over two days.”

Andy Morton, Director at Reel Factory stated “It’s always a good day when you get to throw the Ford Everest around some rugged locations, showing the vehicle off with a bunch of different camera rigs from the Reel Factory team.”

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