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Get with the Program(matic)

StopPress takes a deep dive into the programmatic media trends expected in New Zealand in 2022. We chat to the plug-in providers and those implementing the latest tools to get a sense of where things sit with programmatic ad buying as well as pDOOH. Where’s this important technology headed, how’s it shaping digital marketing, and how can brands and their media planners more effectively use data-driven, automated and measurable digital advertising to deliver better CX? We find out.

The Fame Game

Introducing The Fame Game, a monthly column from StopPress that celebrates the best PR, influence, and activation work from New Zealand and abroad. Special PR’s Head of PR & Influence, Kelly Grindle, selects five of the most attention-grabbing campaigns that made a difference.

Ad Impact Awards

Exclusive to StopPress, each month Kantar presents the Ad Impact Award to a brand making a big impact with their marketing efforts.

The Faces of Our Industry by Google

The world is changing, and with it agencies are changing too. From gender balance, diversity and inclusion, there are waves of progress happening across the board. Brought to you by StopPress with support from the Comms Council, The Faces of our Industry, proudly sponsored by Google, is a celebration of the diversity found within our sector.

HotPress Column

Move over Lady Whistledown, when it comes to the hottest happenings in Adlandia, Shady Lowdown is here to spill the T. HotPress is the latest opinion column exclusive to StopPress and filled with juicy titbits sure to spark hot debate.

The Great Reopening

After an uncertain and pandemic tainted 2021, New Zealand is now in a phase of transition and recovery. To celebrate Kiwis being able to embrace life outside of their homes again, the country’s largest Out of Home media company, oOh!media, has partnered with StopPress on The Great Reopening. A series focused on New Zealand’s recovery and the return to life OOH. Here, we chat to media strategists and marketers who share insight into how they're planning their roads to recovery, and get their views on what lies ahead for the industry.

Year in Review 2021

Each year, StopPress asks players in the local industry for their reflections on the year that was. Brought to you by NZME in 2021, we’re shaking things up a bit by chatting to some of the biggest change makers of the year. Those individuals who've made brave moves, impactful work and ultimately disrupted the market – because what was 2021 without a little disruption!

...and that's how the Cookie crumbles

There’s a high level of buzz around the demise of cookies – cookie-less tracking, 1st, 2nd 3rd and Zero-party data, identity resolution, omnichannel orchestration tech, the open web, trust and transparency, and more. And it seems (media) buyers are concerned that their stakeholders and clients don’t fully understand the ramifications. StopPress talks to a range of experts, to help us, and our audience, unravel and get our heads around the tech talk and jargon, to understand how marketers will need to make their messaging more personalised in a time of increasing privacy concerns in 2021 and into the future.

Perspectives 2024

ThinkTV has commissioned a new video series, ‘Perspectives 2024’, which takes a deep dive into the world of TV and video - what’s happening locally and globally - now and in the next three to four years. The series will explore a range of perspectives from people in the marketing, production, media agencies, TV network, creative and research industries.

Radio Week 2021

StopPress attended TRB's Power of Audio conference in June which showcased the latest research and knowledge in the audio advertising space. In this series we chat to researchers, media owners and advertising insights representatives on the back of the conference about radio's position in the current market. We ask what the future holds for the medium and how advertisers can take advantage of the latest tech and trends available to access more listeners.

So you want my job?

Our latest StopPress Series, ‘So You Want My Job?’ will see the spotlight turn on those who have some of the coolest jobs in New Zealand’s advertising, media and marketing industries. We get to learn not only who they are, what are their philosophies, inspirations, and thought processes, but also how they got to be in their current position. Daring anyone brave enough to challenge their dominance. From CEOs and creative geniuses to brave business inventors and more, these industry leaders will inspire and amaze.

Year in Review 2020

Every year, StopPress asks players in the local industry for their reflections on the year that was. Brought to you by Discovery, here's what several leaders have to say about the ad industry in Covid-tainted 2020.

Storyteller Series

In the climate of Covid-19, indications are that PR and content creation may have an edge over advertising. Our writers explore how this sector has adapted and continues to evolve and thrive. From digital storytelling, social listening and social purpose: who’s bringing in the forecasted trends, PR and the art of storytelling is at the heart of this discussion.

Radio Week 2020

Radio Week 2020 is proudly brought to you by TRB. We dial into the latest radio listening trends and challenges and explore how advertisers can take advantage of this medium.

On the Rise

We give the mic to the industry's future leaders to hear their thoughts on media, marketing and advertising.

Insight Creative

Insight Creative specialises in shaping business stories out the core insights that often lie under the surface. Here's a collection of stories showing how they're helping clients move their businesses forward.

Follow The Money

Follow the money. It’s an axiom that journalists have believed in for years and a guiding light when it comes to holding the powerful to account. But that phrase is increasingly pertinent to those who run media businesses. As advertising money flows away from traditional channels towards large tech firms, the old business model of selling space around the news is creaking. And that has led to a range of experiments from publishers and broadcasters hoping to keep the lights on – and to keep shining those lights into dark places. Erin McKenzie dives into the local news media feed and finds plenty of experiments, but no simple answer to the funding conundrum.

Regional Rundown

StopPress takes a trip down the country to see who the audiences and agencies are in the Regional Rundown, brought to you by News Works.

Beyond the Page 2018

In conjunction with the MPA, the Beyond the Page series shows how some of the winners from 2017's Magazine Media Awards are adapting to the modern era and helping advertisers grow their businesses.

Beneath the Surface

In this series, brought to you by Microsoft, we talk to a conceptual photographer, illustrator and architect about how creativity and technology have become intertwined.

20/20 (tele)vision

Media consumption is changing. But by how much?

The Hot List

Our rundown of the hottest shows, brands and creators in New Zealand media. 1. magazine / 2. editor / 3. radio brand / 4. radio show / 5. tv channel / 6. drama / 7. comedy / 8. reality / 9. Factual / 10. svod / 11. news & current affairs / 12. news anchor / 13. Production company / 14. social Presence / 15. digital brand / 16. digital creator / 17. Most Influential Person in Media / 18. Media Visionary of the Year

Merger Mania

All our stories on the nation's two failed mergers in one place

Bauer Beyond the Page

When it comes to creating branded content, there are few better in the Kiwi market than Bauer Media. We look at how the company is engaging audiences for some of the nation’s biggest brands.

The Indies

Over the course of this series of articles, we look at how always-nimble indy agencies are squeezing into gaps across adland.

AdRoll on automation

Marketing automation is tipped to eventually become the only way advertising is traded in the future. We chat to AdRoll and its clients about how many Kiwi businesses are already seeing the benefits.

Game Changers

It’s all about PEOPLE. Join us as we discuss global insights, ideas and innovations from the world of research, marketing and behavioural change.

Future Tense

In a new series, StopPress talks to a range of newsmakers currently trying to shine lights into dark places while also keeping their own lights on and looks at whether commercial realities are leading to editorial compromise.

Beyond the Page

In conjunction with the MPA, the Beyond the Page series shows how some of the winners from this year’s Magazine Media Awards are adapting to the modern era and helping advertisers grow their businesses.

Up Country

In conjunction with News Works, the Up Country series talks with some of New Zealand's top regional newspaper editors about the performance of their titles in print and online, the role local news plays in regional communities, where they see the industry going and why advertisers should stick with them.

Sounding off

As part of a content partnership with MediaWorks, we've asked a few of the company's programme directors about the performance of their brands, the state of radio and the importance of digital channels.

StopPress Podcasts

We sit down for a chat with industry leaders to find out what they're up to and get their thoughts on the evolving media world.