Data-informed decisions: Ubiquity’s Nathalie Morris on how marketers should use data

A data-driven marketing approach is becoming an ever more obvious business need. But tackling the challenge in your own organisation can seem daunting. Ubiquity’s Nathalie Morris shows us how to get started.

Marketing is being increasingly transformed by data. Today’s practitioners need to be able to combine a wealth of information, from multiple sources, to deliver relevant and personalised communications to customers. But centralising that data and using it to create customer engagement and make better business decisions is more complicated than ever. It’s no wonder many marketers feel overwhelmed at the prospect. So how do you get started? Ubiquity managing director Nathalie Morris has spent years helping New Zealand’s top brands work through these data challenges. Here are a few of her top tips.

Start small 

Always start with small steps. Bite off a small chunk, deliver results and learn from that process. Small-scale, pilot projects help keep you from feeling overwhelmed by the sheer size of your data. Focusing on one small piece of the puzzle will give you the experience and knowledge to tackle the next step.

Overcome silos

Data-driven marketing transcends departmental walls and data silos. Most organisations typically have a number of databases – none of which talk to each other. Bring these data sources together to consolidate,integrate and iterate your data. Merge data from multiple sources onto one platform to provide your organisation with a single customer view.

Test, learn and feed back

We can all get more bang for our buck by optimising marketing and communication campaigns, and testing is essential to that process. The key is to test, learn and optimise. But you also need to ensure effective feedback loops are in place. Make sure you capture and measure results, and then communicate that feedback in a relevant and actionable way. Ongoing, continuous feedback loops help you test and optimise performance for maximum results.

  • Nathalie Morris is the managing director of Ubiquity. Her article originally appeared in the May/June issue of NZ Marketing.

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