I’m still standing after BOTAB

Last night our nation’s finest agencies gathered together at Galatos for the Battle of the Ad Bands (BOTAB) held by Flying Fish productions. There was singing, there was dancing, there was no lack of feathers and glitter, and most important there were some very deserving winners. 

Packed to the brim with agency finest, BOTAB for 2019 was nothing short of a win for Flying Fish. The theme ‘Bohemian Rocketman’ celebrated some of the greatest hits from Elton John and Queen.

Although the judging panel, Radio Hauraki’s Leigh Hart, Angelina Grey and Matt Heath were impressed by all of the performances, there could only be one winner.

The winner this year was taken out from Colenso. They rocked the stage with Paul Simon’s classic hit ‘You can call me Al’. We argued it worked past the brief of Elton or Freddy, whereas most others stuck to the theme.

Maybe that was what made them stand out? Or is it cheating? Grey area for sure. Yet the saxophones absolutely tore it up, props to innovation. 

Colenso holding the much desired BOTAB trophy 

The judges also gave special mentions to Fish Taco, Flying Fish’s house band. On a personal note, Fish Taco’s rendition of I’m Still Standing was so impressive I messaged my partner right then and there and told him I had a desire to learn the piano. 

MBM’s team, Ange from Accounts, managed to get the first crowd involvement all night, with those on the floor waving back and forth as the singer did. The lead singer had a fantastic vocal range, so impressive that I messaged my partner right then and there to tell him I wanted to take up vocal lessons. He turned off his phone shortly before I could voice my desire for a saxophone.  

A highlight was Ange from Accounts singer apologising to the crowd before paying the third version of I’m Still Standing. Apology not accepted, that song has been stuck in my head for 24 hours. 

Tear it up.

Last year’s winners, 99, delivered the Best Performer of the night, Jessica Woodward. Her vocals were on point and she was a true stand out on the night.

We all know agencies are competitive in all they do (and in our StopPress comments, clean it up, people) but the amount of support from the crowd was a nice change of pace. Something that was great to see was the comradery of the crowd. 

The support I saw from teams was heartwarming. 99 cheered as Greg Partington shredded it up on the electric keyboard in his sequined jacket, Stanley St was moving to the beats of Ange from Account from MBM, Flying Fish was screeching for everyone that even remotely approached the stage, even the MC got a few ‘Woos’. The environment was electric, the teams were happy to be there and nervous enough to give the kind of reception they hoped to get from everyone else. 

Music brings us together rang true this year, and through my dealings with agency land it is clear to see competition is good, but wins have to be heralded by everyone, and the only losers are those that don’t try. Fantastic work from everyone involved, hope you’re all resting your vocals for BOTAB 2020. 

Flying Fish’s own Fish Taco. 

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