Meet the Brand Love Academy Class of 2019

Successful delegates from across the Australia and New Zealand media, marketing, advertising and creative industries have all been notified of the exclusive opportunity to spend time to build their professional brand. Speakers include:

  • Work futurist at Atlassian, Dominic Price
  • Neurologist-in-training executive coach at Vitae, Shelley Lasleet
  • Head of Brand/RYOT at Verizon Media, Zoe Cocker
  • Head of data and targeting at Verizon Media, Dan Richardson           

Hilary Derrick and Emma Bradley

Kiwibank, Auckland

Emma Bradley, senior customer lifecycle manager nominated Hilary Derrick, data driven campaign advisor


Hilary deserves to attend Brand Love Academy because… she shows aptitude in several areas required of a skilled marketer – creativity, project management, public speaking and writing. She has the ability to easily bridge the worlds of data/analytics and marketing; impressive for someone so young.

Building personal brand love is important because… you need it to differentiate yourself in an increasingly crowded market, especially a high-growth industry such as digital marketing. It’s important to play to your strengths, remain authentic and build a solid reputation.


In my future career, I’d like to be known for… my efficiency and quality of work while maintaining solid interpersonal skills and empathy for others.

At Brand Love Academy I’m most looking forward to… sharing this experience with a bunch of great people while learning more about my personal brand and what I can bring to the table. 

Nikola McCarthy and Peter Jun

VMLY&R, Auckland

Nikola McCarthy, digital director nominated Peter Jun, programmatic manager


Peter deserves to attend Brand Love Academy because… he will be one of the digital leaders of the future. He is massively passionate about what he does and is a sponge – hungry to grow. Attending the Brand Love Academy will be an acknowledgement of the contribution he has given to our business and the wider industry.

My words of wisdom to get the most out of Brand Love Academy are… lap it up, get curious, ask questions, get your hands in the dough and don’t hold back. The whole business is behind you.


Three words I’d describe my current personal brand are… ambitious, passionate and meticulous.

At Brand Love Academy I’m most looking forward to… building my personal brand so that the clients I work with now and in the future can trust that I’m doing everything I can to drive their business to success. I’m excited to gain exposure to international markets, sponge their smarts and translate it into the New Zealand market. With New Zealand being a smaller market and ad tech going through infinite innovations, I’m sure learnings from international market leaders will help maximise opportunities and minimise risks.

Luke Gray and Sophie Van Duiven

Wavemaker, Auckland

Luke Gray, digital director nominated Sophie Van Duiven, senior account manager 


Sophie deserves to attend Brand Love Academy because… she has demonstrated a high degree of digital knowledge through lenses of passion and excitement. She is not only a strategic marketer but also an advocate for digital marketing technologies and their ability to transform brands and businesses. I believe the Brand Academy will give her a fresh new perspective while giving her the opportunity to grow personally and professionally.

Building personal brand love is important because… to quote Craig Davis, former CCO of JWT, “we need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in”. Brands have a responsibility to connect with users, not just for their own bottom lines, but to improve the lives of those who decide to engage with a brand.


In my future career, I’d like to be known for… causing social change. I started working in advertising because I saw communications as a way to be part of, and eventually drive, campaigns that work towards a greater good. I’d like to be known as a change-maker with a passion for people, leaving behind a legacy of positive impacts.

At Brand Love Academy I’m most looking forward to… refocusing on what my personal brand is and how I can bring it to life in all aspects of my work. I expect the conference to be a very inspiring couple of days, and I’m looking forward to meeting the speakers and being able to hear their take on the various topics. 

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