Would Welly? Tui thinks not

The Wellywood debacle has led to a vast array of humorous jibes being directed at the Windy City (add your suggestion here and we might send you some beer) and Tui has joined the cacophonous debate, in typically cheeky fashion, claiming the proposed sign will detract from the awe inspiring TUIWOOD sign that was erected six years ago in Mangatainoka. 

“Wellington should think of something more original than the proposed sign. Mangatainoka has had an iconic TUIWOOD sign for years and I don’t see any point of having one just like it down the road in Wellington,” says Tui’s Nick Rogers. “What’s next from the unoriginal folk of Infratil, a shorter SkyTower than Auckland and two Pohutakawa trees on Mt Victoria!”

Tui installed its sign on a farm hill overlooking the brewery six years ago and, much like the glorious structure in New Zealand’s most glamorous town, Mosgiel, Rogers says the locals love it.

“We put it up in June 2006 and have had tourists from around the country and the world taking photos of it, everyone that sees it for the first time has a really good laugh.”

Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth Tui has also obliged with a new billboard on the topic. But wait, there’s more: it’s also jumped on the plankwagon. 

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