BMW beats benchmarks with summer campaign, takes victory in Yahoo! Digital Strategy Award

BMW’s Summer Sale 2011 campaign by DraftFCB has been awarded top spot in Yahoo! NZ’s first quarterly Digital Strategy Award. The BMW Summer Sale 2011 implemented a full digital media strategy that utilised high impact display on automotive and premium sites in order to reach already engaged people with a high propensity to purchase a new BMW. And the judges—Yahoo! New Zealand’s Laura Maxwell-Hansen (notice the lack of Xtra), Mohawk Media’s Helen Baxter and guest judge Gavin Pook, marketing manager for Red Bull—commended DraftFCB on its very simple yet logical approach that succeeded in bringing the brand to the forefront of its category.

“The decision to have a digital only campaign was smart as it mirrored the behaviour of the target audience,” says Maxwell-Hansen. “The role of digital in the purchase path, along with the high usage of the medium by BMW’s core audience, meant a strong digital media strategy was essential to reach the niche market.”

BMW identified that more than 80 percent of new car buyers conducted research on automotive sites, so they ran display on specifically targeted websites including Yahoo!, Autotrader, NZ Herald motoring (with an interesting placement in the middle of a story about the Government’s controversial BMW deal), TradeMe Motors, the NBR and Scoop to gain reach into premium audiences.

“Each digital media decision was approached in a unique way that ensured maximum impact on audiences in the most cost-effective way,” says Maxwell-Hansen. “While the campaign was simple, it was done in a way that consumers couldn’t miss the key messages.”

“The results speak for themselves,” says Baxter. “The campaign managed to achieve nearly 27 million page impressions and a click through rate that was 43 percent more than automotive benchmarks, leading directly to a seven percent increase rise in sales and a three percent increase in market share.”

And Pook agrees: “It was a well thought out campaign that achieved not only great media results but delivered sound business goals for BMW.”

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