NZ’s first interactive site for online drama

reservoir hill logoTVNZ’s newest drama lets you drive the plot by texting and getting involved online. It’s an innovative concept for Reservoir Hill, which debuts on Monday 12 October at www.tvnz.co.nz/reservoir-hill.

David Stubbs and Thomas Robins from KHF Media bring this unique format for the first time to NZ audiences. Stubbs describes the show “as dark as Twilight, as twisted as Twin Peaks and as bitchy as Gossip Girl“. Sounds like a Gen Y’s wet dream.

reservoir hill beth-nightMain character Beth Connolly has moved from her rural home to a strange new suburb and new school. Her life is fraught with the usual teenage issues but with a mysterious central storyline running throughout the series – everyone in Reservoir Hill is freaked out by Beth, and she has no idea why.

Robins elaborates: “That story links all the episodes, but her personal journey is directly affected by the viewers – by becoming an online friend, by watching her blogs, and by texting her, they really do become a part of the story.”

reservoir hoody-dementors-e4Send Beth a message on Bebo, and she talks back. Text her, and the message could pop up on her phone in the show. Your input could steer the story onto a new path.

The series is a real challenge for the filmmakers, who will analyse all the audience feedback before going into production on the new episode each week.

Prepare for a web phenomena your kids think you’re too uncool to understand.

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