Meridian uses puppets to bring kids’ voices to life for KidsCan

Meridian has highlighted its support for KidsCan’s school programmes by using puppets to share stories of children’s experiences.

The ads, made by Wellington-based Sputnik, feature the voices of real children recorded talking in a KidsCan school about the issues that KidsCan programmes address. The voices are brought to life through animated features on puppets with painted on eyes and mouth. 

 The first spot looks at ways to stay healthy such as washing hands and getting help from the office and medical room. It’s the first in four that will be released.

Meridian’s chief customer officer, Julian Smith, says the campaign is intended to show how much KidsCan has become an integral part of the fabric of school life in the 709 KidsCan schools throughout the country.

“There’s no more powerful way of telling the KidsCan story than through the voices of the kids who benefit from the programmes. What they say can be incredibly impactful, as well as cute and funny.”

“Using puppets is a great solution to a perennial problem of depicting children talking about the issues they face growing up. It protects the kids’ identities and adds a whole new level of entertainment.”

KidsCan founder and chief executive Julie Chapman says she hopes the campaign will encourage individuals to join Meridian in supporting KidsCan.

“Meridian provides our bedrock funding but there’s so much more to do. We need more supporters and we’re hoping this approach helps us reach new audiences. It only takes a few dollars a month to support a child in a partner school.”

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