Ads of the Week: 5 June

Who’s it for: Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED) by Colenso BBDO

Why we like it: Sir John Kirwan visits Rewi Spraggon aka the Hāngi Master for one of the ATEED videos which explore Auckland’s art, food, people and entertainment scene. The spot titled ‘Auckland’s gourmet Hāngi made for winter’ casts a lens over the flavours of the earth, beginning with a karakia, and providing a wholesome insight into New Zealand’s oldest dish, the hāngi. Spraggon shares the importance of blending storytelling with food, shares his origins, and how he infuses his own roots into the food through cooking with a preserved rock that has been passed on from his grandfather. A lovely look into an integral part of Maori, and New Zealand, cuisine. 

Who’s it for: New Zealand AIDS Foundation, by Frost*Collective

Why we like it: New Zealand comedian Tom Sainsbury stars in the New Zealand Aids Foundation latest spot, which encourages men to stay safe, test often and treat early, as well as drop their load to end HIV. The minute-long ad is filled with sexual innuendos, including Sainsbury asking his partner whether his junk is shaped like a gnarly kumara from the second’s bin, as the pair sit in the back of a taxi. While the ad is humorous, it also shares an important message – that if someone is living with HIV and has an undetectable viral load for more than six months they can not transmit HIV through sex. 

Who’s it for: Pak’nSave by FCB

Why we like it: For the tenth anniversary of Pak’nSave’s iconic Stickman the minute-long spot showcases previously unseen audition tapes from 2008. The familiar voice of Paul Ego takes us through the grilling and hilarious auditions, which see a Spanish stickman, a stick insect, a gangster stickman, and many others. At the end of the spot, we see the birth of the Pak’nSave and Stickman combination, which has become synonymous with the brand over the years. Additionally, the ad shows revelations of the young Stickman with a tuft of hair, and a witty CV, a nice throwback for the brand.

Who’s it for: New World by Colenso BBDO

Why we like it: New World’s latest spot presents the weird and wacky combination of foods that Kiwis love, from eggs and tomato sauce to peanut butter and apple, alongside more adventurous combos such as bacon and ice cream. The 45-second ad is an entertaining expose of cuisine, showcasing mullets, spices, and steaks in different variations. The advertisement gives light to the array of food New World has to offer, and advocates for Kiwis to eat what they love, even if it is a bit unusual. 

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