BC&F takes the scattergun approach in self-deprecating, ‘technique-laden’ Effie call for entries video

Go to any industry function and someone is bound to mention the term ‘bullshit bingo‘, a game where attendees nod knowingly at one another when meaningless jargon is uttered by a speaker. And CAANZ, Barnes, Catmur & Friends and Film Construction’s Steve Saussey have taken that to a new, very entertaining level by producing “an award-winning, persuasive, brand-building, results-getting, call for entries viral video” for the Effies that manages to, as Paul Catmur says, jam as many advertising techniques into one piece of communication as humanly possible—and all with a limited budget. 

“Featuring a celebrity cast, a soundtrack recorded by a musician, and AB quintile-targeted pop culture references, the video is intended to be engaged with by consumers on social, digital media engagement channel platforms,” the release says. 

Slightly ironically, part of the deal is that the only place “the most technique-laden call for entries video ever recorded” can be hosted is on the CAANZ website, which isn’t really renowned as a hotbed of viral marketing activity. 

“Apparently talent issues prevent its appearance beyond the website,” says Catmur. “Makes no sense to me, but then if I was a lawyer I’d have twice as much money and half as much fun.” 

Still, that’s no excuse not to watch it, if only for all the inside jokes, campaign mentions, cutting-edge special effects, “somewhat breathless presenter” and very savvy subliminal messaging. So click here

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