3M sticks it to the competition with Ad Impact win

The international ads performed strongly in the June instalment of Colmar Brunton’s Ad Impact award, but it was the branding of the 3M Super Sticky Post It Notes ad that took the title, just beating out the latest Pringles campaign. 


Harriet Dixon, senior account manager at Colmar Brunton, says branding is a core measure of impact because an engaging ad that is memorable but not well branded could actually be generating noise for a competitor if misattributed, or the category in general. 

“The twisted humour in this ad makes it highly enjoyable to watch, as consumers anticipate the outcome of using the ‘not so sticky’ inferior brand of post-it notes. It is a highly memorable ad, creating strong talkability and importantly, it is very well branded as 3M. Consumers find the ad particularly credible, highly relevant and they can certainly see the benefit of using a superior 3M PostIt Note.” 


As for the Pringles ‘Bursting with more flavour’ ad, Dixon says it is an interesting ad that captures the attention of consumers with a creative twist. 

“In response to eating a Pringle chip the vegetables, sour cream, BBQ sauce and cheeses literally start exploding off the supermarket shelves.  The creative style is certainly distinctive and that helps this ad to stand out from the advertising clutter and reach through to consumers, with good branding linking the ad to the Pringles brand.  This ad is helping to create strong brand appeal, aiding consumers emotional connection with the Pringles brand, which is great for building long term brand loyalty.”

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