Air New Zealand shakes up the seasons for winter push

Air New Zealand’s most recent safety video was all about surfing. But the wetsuits are being swapped for woolly onesies and, following on from last year’s efforts to lure Australians (mostly) to the now well-covered slopes, the airline and a few of its friends have created a beautiful timelapse video that focuses on the thrill snow lovers get from the change of seasons. 

Diaries Downunder, a boutique production company based in Queenstown, specialises in action sports and digital marketing targeted at the youth market. Its core product ‘Diaries Downunder’ is a youth based production sponsored by Air New Zealand, Tourism New Zealand, Destination Queenstown and others. And as it explains on the site: 

Winter is here in Queenstown, New Zealand and to let the world know, we teamed up with Air New Zealand to get this 3 season time-lapse project together. Inspired by a timelapse video Air New Zealand’s brand manager sent us through last December, we got our summer thinking caps on and created the storyboard for the spectacle you see before your eyes. We teamed up with our good friends at Syrp and used their latest equipment including the Slingshot cable cam, the genie and the brand new Genie Mini for all of the 2-axis motion controlled time-lapes. We also got photoSentinel involved and we used their incredible long-term time-lapse devices to show the changing of seasons over the past 3 months.

More than 5000 Raw single frames were shot for time-lapses, two fixed Canon 6D’s ran for three months and took 14 images per day, and there were seven separate shoots all together to create the minute-long clip. 

Last year, it also focused on the change of seasons and added in a few Air New Zealand staff. 

And, along with Host Sydney, they also created a few entertaining snow-related clips that played on the ‘Meanwhile, in …’ meme

Check out the Diaries Downunder series here


Film direction: Ben Ryan
Production: Nick Hyne and Ben Ryan
Field producer: Nick Hyne
Air New Zealand: Justine Murphy, Samantha Saunders
Time-lapse photography: Ben Ryan and Heath Patterson
Chief Cinematographer: Heath Patterson
Additional cinematography: Josh Wallace
Additional film direction: Bob Mackintosh
Talent: Harry Pettit
BTS: Josh Hutchinson, James Holman
Agency: Host – Bob Mackintosh, Kate Forster, Eleanor Rout
Colour grading/ VFX: Mattijs Blok
Syrp: Ben Ryan, Lucas Hutchinson
photoSentinel: Matt Salter, Aaron Landreth
NZSKI: Ross Lawrence, Paul Halstead

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