Ads of the week: 15 November

Who’s it for: Warehouse Stationery by 99

Why we like it: We all have a to-do list we’ve been putting off for too long and this ad acts as a reminder to get it done. It also shows how vital stationery is to achieving those things, drawing attention to every day items that otherwise don’t get the credit they deserve.

Who’s it for: Vodafone by FCB

Why we like it: Explaining a phone plan according to a relationship status may seem unorthodox, but the honesty makes it entertaining and easy to understand. Usually, stereotypes portray females to be the emotional, love-struck gender so to see a male on the couch wrapped in blankets and singing lovey dovey songs over the phone adds further surprise to this ad. Less surprising, is a cat sitting on the couch because a broken heart is the first step to being a crazy cat lady—or crazy cat man.

Who’s it for: MediaWorks by MediaWorks

Why we like it: We went home singing ‘MediaWorks’ after watching this video, but despite the annoyingly catchy tune, we appreciated the effort the broadcaster went to to give a run down of its new season line up. It’s a shame Mike from sales didn’t get much of a word in because everyone loves a good graph, but the confetti and backup dancers are a good informant of MediaWorks’ confidence in its success. It does, however, need to get some new moves, there is only so much pelvic thrusting from Dai Henwood, Jono Pryor and Ben Boyce one can handle.

Who’s it for: Rodney Wayne by Lachlan McPherson and Friends

Why we like it: This is the first time Rodney Wayne has graced New Zealand screens and it’s done so by combining hair care with a motivational message. The glamourous 30-second ad tells viewers the most amazing person they can be is themselves, and hair care is a way of achieving that. Using models to show off what the salon’s hairdressers are capable of, viewers are encouraged to try something new. Will a short red bowl cut become a summer trend? We wait to see.

Who’s it for: The Co-operative Bank by Socialites

Why we like it: Kids may be the latest advertising fad but it’s hard to keep your eyes away from their cuteness. This video does differ from the many others we’ve seen lately (KiwibankBeef & Lamb, Mercury Energy and the Civil Defence) in that it’s a social experiment, rather than a series of questions designed to let the kids’ imaginations soar. It’s hard to miss the disappointment across their faces when they learn there is only one lamington or bowl of lollies but their desperation to eat doesn’t appear to speed up their problem solving skills.

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