Ads of the week: 22 October

Who’s it for: Breast Cancer Foundation by oOh!media

Why we like it: Bringing technology down to street level and allowing commuters to donate three dollars with the tap of their card or Apple Pay is a clever and innovative idea. And anything that supports the Breast Cancer Foundation is awesome to us.

Who’s it for: Blind & Low Vision New Zealand by YoungShand

Why we like it: With a great mix of images and text this spot does exactly what it is trying to do – explain why Alt text will help those with people who can’t see images to experience it through a screen reader. Hopefully, all Kiwis’ get behind this campaign and participate in making the world more accessible.

Who’s it for: Carpet Court by in-house

Why we like it: Getting real rhinos to test out Carpet Court’s hard flooring and carpet was so 10 years ago (they actually did this). So getting the Stokes Valley Junior Rhinos rugby team was the next best option this time. Good fun and a great way to show off its product.

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