Ads of the week: 1 October

Who is it for? The Enthusiasts and Flying Fish for Vogel’s 

Why we like it: Our pink gowned hero hustles through the suburbs on a hunt for precious power for his precious, precious Vogel’s. The protagonist? Superb. The dog named Chardonnay? Break out star. The Goose? The devil reincarnate. There isn’t anything about this campaign I didn’t like, its quick build of suspense (Will he find power!?) the trials he faces along the way, and the happy ending where he gets his toast and makes a friend. A cinematic masterpiece, give it an Oscar and give me a slice of toast. 

Who is it for? Clemenger BBDO and EECA for Gen Less

Why we like it? The campaign takes several historic leaders’ most powerful words and combines them to create a new speech – one which demands change for ourselves, our future and our planet. It is an amazing message that needs to be heard and absorbed. All involved in the campaign did an amazing job to promote a very important message. 

Who is it for? DDB for L&P

Why we like it? Refreshingly different is one way to put it. Using something typically associated with flesh and rot to promote a lemon-based beverage is an interesting take for the heritage brand L&P. The zombie bromance does seem like they’re having a great day, showing viewers that becoming undead is the key to freedom. I think. 

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