Out-of-home advertising on the move to get clearer results

Out-of-home advertising has a new innovation with real-time traffic sight reports. This new report will help advertisers use metrics and the data collected to get the best effects possible with out-of-home activations.

Released by Lumo Digital Outdoor, the report is setting a new benchmark for this kind of reporting, giving advertisers a clear honest review about their influence and who are seeing their work out in the wild.

Phil Clemas, CEO and co-founder of Lumo, says this inaugural report is a sign of faith towards its clients that it is providing true metrics.

“We will work collaboratively with the wider OOH industry players to help establish new standards and develop a plan to advocate for DOOH as a distinct media channel in its own right. Ultimately though, this report combines fresh thinking with innovative technology to create truthful insights.”

Licensed from AdMobilze, this data has been collected by Lumo for almost three years. The data complies location, in-real time which produces the most accurate metrics for all of Lumo’s screen displays.

Rodolfo Saccoman, CEO and co-founder of AdMobilize, says this comes from a growing need as advertisers demand ground-truth results for their outdoor spending, and pressure on legacy operators to meet new demands.

“Meanwhile, more agile and newer billboard operators like Lumo are embracing these new technologies at an exponential pace, enabling them to capture market share while providing their clients with the new normal where opportunity to see and who actually saw my ads is measured with near-perfect accuracy,” Saccoman says.

This new reporting of metrics by Lumo and AdMobilize is an innovative step towards out of home advertising meeting demands. Lumo even plans to expand its report offering, promising to include vehicle type, make, model and age from February 2020.

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