Ads of the week: 8 October

Who is it for? Clemenger BBDO for the New Zealand Transport Association 

Why we like it: The NZTA spot has gone to a lot of effort to show us that drink driving will always end the same; getting snapped. Unfortunately, it is a constant message Kiwis’ need to hear as drink driving incidents on the road grow year by year. The eight narratives tell a familiar story, we’ve all been these men having a few casual drinks at an event thinking we’re okay to drive until it’s too late. It seems, again and again, we are having to remind people that drink driving is irresponsible and endangers everyone on the road. 

Who is it for? Swish Studios for Abe’s Bagels

Why we like it: Donuts have always been a crowd-pleaser so dropping them by helicopter into rural New Zealand? Genius. The production value for Abe’s Bagel Crisps this time round is insane. The actors draw us into the scene, triggering sympathetic anxiety over a lack of donuts in the town of Springfield. My only disappointment in the campaign? I wasn’t in the Auckland CBD when a massive crate of free cinnamon Bagel Crisps was up for grabs. Typical. 

Who is it for? Colenso BBDO for the Breast Cancer Foundation 

Why we like it: Anything that promotes early detection for breast cancer is a win in our books. With over 6000 deaths predicted to happen by 2024 the best chance against the disease is early detection. The campaign is easy, accessible and educational – everything that is needed for women all around the country to get involved and make sure they’re testing for the signs. 

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