The Co-operative Bank puts Kiwi kids to the test—UPDATED

The Co-operative Bank is the latest brand to call on Kiwi kids to help in a campaign. However, rather than drawing to attention their incredible imagination, a series of videos, via Socialites, examines how fair they are and how much banking knowledge they have.

The first campaign video shared on the bank’s Facebook page sees the kids put into pairs and given a single lamington or bowl of lollies with the challenge of finding a way to share it. Some pairs were quicker than others, but in the end all the kids appear to be happy, confirming the line at the video’s end, ‘It’s in our Kiwi nature to be fair’. However, as some commenters pointed out, when it came to dividing the lamingtons, some were left without any cream.

But fairly dividing treats isn’t all Kiwi kids have proven useful for in the campaign. A second video puts a Kiwi kid to work, to show how simple credit cards are. Using hidden-camera style footage, the video follows customers as they enter the bank and are introduced to The Co-operative Bank’s newest, youngest and cheekiest employee Manahi.

Walking out it an oversized shirt, he leaves the customers in shock as he greets them and introduces himself. At first, the customers don’t believe he belongs there and they share friendly banter with Manahi while he giggles in his seat. “My job, my job” he says, when questioned about what he’s up to, and he soon proves his worth by explaining the bank’s fair rate credit card and its 12.95 percent interest rate for purchases and cash withdrawals.

The customers appear shocked by his knowledge and happily accept a jet plane lolly from a jar—a nice touch by Socialites to complete the role reversal.

Using kids to explain products and ideas has become somewhat of a trend in the last year, however, The Co-operative Bank’s Manahi has the most sophisticated knowledge. 

Earlier this year, Kiwibank and Assignment Group asked Kiwi kids a series of money related questions, learning it comes from the “Money Man” and the “tooth fairy”, it can buy “chocolate” and “ponies” and the best way to save it is to “keep it in a jar”.

Beef & Lamb also used Kiwi kids this year in a campaign focusing on issues surrounding nutrition. It put kids a classroom and asked them what they wanted to be when they grew up. A “dinosaur”, “teacher” and “Spider-Man” were included in the answers, while some chose to answer with a funny face or noise.

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