Abstain removal: Telecom licks wounds, Hell puns it up

Moa, like many others, has already jumped on the randy bandwagon with its own pro-sex response to the widely rubbished and now-dumped Telecom ‘Abstain from the Game‘ campaign. And the other most likely contender, Hell Pizza—with its agency Barnes, Catmur & Friends—has followed suit with this punny wee number. 

It certainly hasn’t been the happiest of times for either Telecom or Saatchi & Saatchi after this rather large own goal, and head of retail Alan Gourdie sent out an apologetic email to staff as a result. But before the campaign was pulled, Saatchi’s global chief exec and Telecom board member Kevin Roberts backed the campaign in an email featured on Stuff:

The campaign is tongue-in-cheek, fun, and a light-hearted way to get rugby people, and all New Zealanders, talking about the RWC and letting them share their support for the ABs in an authentic NZ way,” Roberts said in an email. It’s not rocket science . . . it is entertaining, provocative, and good natured. I think it will appeal to true rugby loving heartland supporters.”

Roberts added in the email: “Do your duty and … Abstain For the Game!”

You almost feel sorry for them. Almost.


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