The Year in Review: Roger Shakes

Running with Scissors used much of 2013 injecting new life into some renowned Kiwi brands and ushering a few new names onto the market. In addition to revamping Heinz Wattie’s tomato sauce, Whitlock & Sons and Pagani, the RwS team also introduced Orchard Thieves cider to Kiwi shelves. And to top it all off, the company also opened doors to its new London office. Now it’s over to head of business Roger Shakes for his thoughts.            

1) Favourite campaign that isn’t yours

Dove Real Beauty Sketches: We all have a different view of ourselves. People generally see the beauty in others but not themselves. This campaign captures that in spectacular fashion.

2) Favourite campaign that is yours

AMP Chocolate Fish: There’s a certain charm when children express themselves as they did for this campaign. We managed to bring together delayed gratification and finance in a compelling and neat execution. Still makes me smile.

3) Least favourite campaign

No one sets out to deliver a poor campaign, but there are some that don’t quite hit the mark. They’re best left forgotten. 

4) Your own biggest success

Leading a team of very talented people. Investing in the development of the Running with Scissors team significantly improves the quality of our campaigns and makes getting out of bed effortless.

5) Most impressive performance

Lorde is living proof creative talent is alive and well in NZ. If you put content in the market and the wind is in your sail, anything is possible.

6) Biggest move

Running with Scissors opening an office in London. We’ve become an agency with a global vision. We’re ambitious and hungry for world domination. 

7) Best innovation

The Whittakers L&P chocolate mash-up. Expect to see more iconic brands exploit the innovation pathway in 2014.

8) Best brands

Brand Beckham. Now that David Beckham has retired from professional football, he’ll have more time to spend on enhancing the family brand. Imagine a Beckham and a House of Windsor mash-up. We’d love that gig. 

9) Best stoush

Kim Dotcom’s continuing efforts to take on the world from a NZ base. Brings new meaning to the Kiwi cliché ‘punching above his weight’.

10) Heroes

The team at Lifewise. They really do work hard to improve the lives of  vulnerable people in our society. It’s not sexy, but boy, do they make a difference.

11) Villains

Our industry attracts more than its fair share of dicks. They’re still a rich source of entertainment over a drunken pint. Buy me a few drinks and I’ll spill the beans.

12) Most memorable marketing moment 

Being asked by my 12-year-old  to make sure I get as many ‘Little Shop Collectables‘ from New World. Another reason to spend $40 instead of $10 on the way home. 

13) A few predictions for 2014

Innovate or die – there’ll be a need for businesses to turn up the gas on their innovation pipeline or move aside for those in the fast lane. 

Content will find you – Individuals become the center of their own content with billions of single marketing channels. Lovely!
The internet of things – our symbiotic relationship with technology is almost complete. It won’t be long before Siri can read our minds and we use our thoughts to get stuff done. Easy as!

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