Deep Spring Naturals launch harvests deepest darkest secrets

Is embracing your naughty, deviant side okay if what you’re consuming is really good? Hell yes, according to Coca Cola Amatil, whose launch campaign for its Deep Spring Naturals range has been asking New Zealanders to confess their naughty deeds since 1 May. 

It sees its fruit-juice-with-mineral-water as such a healthy soft drink that to balance it you can be as naughty as you like. Or, as the slogan says, “naturally good, so you don’t have to be”.

The campaign, created by Running with Scissors, links into a site that lets users enter their deepest, darkest secrets. These are posted in an online gallery anonymously (or if users want to fully own the deed, with their name attached). The secrets rise past the gallery screen inside fizz bubbles, and if users share someone else’s guilt they can mouse over it and click to agree.

It turns out there’s rather a lot of dirt out there. Senior brand manager Raquel Guttenbeil says they have a “couple of hundred” confessions by now, and that people are “having a bit of fun with it”. Secrets include “Sometimes I don’t wear knickers to work”, “I stopped at a roadside fruit stall and left a $10 ‘Peaches and Cream’ (Adult store) voucher instead of cash”, “I lost my Tiffany’s wedding ring so I bought a cheap fake diamond ring as a replacement… my husband has no idea!”, “I pee in swimming pools” and even “I used to use my ex-husband’s toothbrush to clean under the toilet bowl rim”.

There are daily giveaways of the new range and a discount voucher for every confession. Ten people who share their confessions on Facebook or invite their naughty friends to confess will each win three cases of Deep Spring Naturals. Guttenbeil says sharing is currently at 18 percent.

The campaign placed ‘confession’ portraits in print and point-of-sale, and Guttenbeil says they have an eight-week slot with George FM’s Monday morning sessions to give away a case of product as well as $100 to “help the winner be a bit naughty”. She says the George FM crew has given away almost 1000 sample bottles when they’re “out and about at key locations”.

Wendy Rayner, general manager, marketing says in a press release: “We needed to communicate our natural, premium stance, but being a soft drink, we knew we didn’t want to get too serious and overly earnest with our audience. Most of us can connect with the idea of using our good deeds as license to be bad later on, and we loved the idea of acknowledging that with a nod to naughtiness.”

“With the increasing consumer trend towards health and wellbeing, it’s a pleasure to work with a global client who both recognises the shift, and has the courage to be playful in their approach to it,” says Andy Mitchell, boss at Running with Scissors.

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