Adshel unveils Surf Life Saving NZ summer appeal poster

Adshel has unveiled a new summer appeal poster based on Colenso BBDO’s idea that won the Creative Challenge in 2012.

The annual event sees creatives from various agencies gathering to come up with innovative ideas for posters, which are designed to raise funds for Surf Lifesaving New Zealand. At the end of the competition, the winning entry is developed into a poster (at the agency’s expense) and then placed into Adshels around the country. 

Colenso’s original rendering of the winning idea in 2012 featured a simple drawing of a hand sticking out of the water and the annotation “give us a hand.”


In addition to using photography rather than a crude drawing, the poster also featured instructions on how to donate funds to the cause. These posters ran throughout the winter months, and Angela McDougall, the marketing manager of Adshel, says that the response to the campaign was fantastic. 

Now, for the summer leg of fund-raising, Adshel has unveiled a new poster, which features the phrase “help us,” rather than “give us a hand.”


The summer appeal poster was initially meant to be based on DraftFCB’s winning entry from the 2013 edition of the Creative Challenge, but Angela McDougall, the Adshel marketing manager, says that the agency could not complete the project in time for the summer appeal.

“Running with Scissors [the agency that currently holds the Surf Life Saving NZ account] stepped in to help us out by designing the new poster and DraftFCB’s concept will be used for the winter campaign later this year,” says McDougall.

DraftFCB’s suspense-heavy concept was commended by Adshel’s general manager Nick Vile, who said that the simplicity and flexibility of the idea would make it possible to tie the outdoor campaign in with the online and mobile channels.    



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