Who needs professional actors?

Rather than commissioning a group of actors to over-emphasise the refreshing sensation of sipping on a Coke, Wieden + Kennedy instead compiled a montage of regular people giving their best “ahhhhs” after a gulp of the sugary drink. 

According to Adweek, this is the first Coca-Cola ad that consists entirely of user-generated content and it came about after the brand invited the public to submit clips that illustrated what it feels like to sip on a Coke. The company received 400 entries, which were whittled down to 40 for the final clip. 

The Coca-Cola company also employed a similar strategy during the ‘Grab Life by the Bottle‘ campaign, which was launched under the Pump brand earlier this year. 

The Pump Youtube channel has also been updated with a host of videos that were sent in by users over the course of the campaign. Here are some of the more popular videos:

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