Brazilian fast food chain’s smartphone app converts a placemat into a mini football game

Using the unfortunate premise that dinnertime has become a sordid affair that often involves gobbling down a fast food meal while perusing the rectangular screen of a smartphone, Brazilian fast food chain Giraffas found an innovative way to tap into football fever ahead of the FIFA World Cup.  

The company commissioned the development of a football game app that converts the smartphone into an ad-hoc goal complete with a goalkeeper. Once the app has been downloaded, the phone can be placed at the end of a football pitch-themed placemat, which comes with a perforated edge that can be torn off and crumpled into a crude ball. 

When the ball is flicked at the phone, it will either result in a goal or a save, depending on what part of the screen it hits. And, in an effort to encourage people to interact in real life, the game also comes with a multiplayer mode that allows friends to play against each other.         

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