Where are the mullets and Latin lovers? DB Export Citrus spot leaves viewers wanting more

Watching the promotional launch of DB Export Citrus left everyone here at StopPress longing for the neck-warming mullets, fiery wells and soothing Latin charms that pervaded the Export Dry, Gold and 33 TVCs.

With no storyline to speak of and gratuitous use of slow motion pours and splashes, the new ad steps very close to the food porn line and does little to appeal to the emotional responses of the audience. 

In a release, DB Export Marketing Manager Julia Imlah said “the new TVC aims to help increase awareness of DB Export Citrus by highlighting the key refreshment benefit of this exciting new beer.”

And while the drink might be refreshing, simply saying “taste double refreshment” at the end of the ad is unlikely to convince many unshaven Kiwi barbecuers to trade their usual beer for the lemony alternative.

Given that Export Citrus is one of the less popular offerings in the DB range, it’s probable that Colenso BBDO was given a lower budget to work with on this project.

But whatever the reason underpinning the creation of this ad, we can only hope that the creatives up on College Hill get back to making the DB Export ads we’ve come to love in the near future.


Client name: DB Breweries
Brand: DB Export Citrus
Client: Maud Meijboom-van Wel, Marketing Director; Jarrod Bear, group marketing manager NZ Brands; Julia Imlah, marketing manager DB Export; Tony Wheeler, brand manager DB Export; Jeroen Schoorel, project manager DB Export Citrus
Agency: Colenso BBDO      
Creative chairman: Nick Worthington       
Executive creative: Director                    
Creative director: Levi Slavin         
Deputy creative Director                        
Art director: Brent Courtney
Copywriter: Graeme Clarke 
Group account director: Angela Watson   
Account director: Sophie Martigner 
Account manager: Siva Clement     
Planner: Andy McLeish        
Media agency: Spark PHD

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