The weekend calls as the TAB and Sugar & Partners bring back the bickering, bet-loving bros

The newly rebranded Sugar & Partners announced the addition of Dave Nash as a creative partner a couple of days ago. And it has just launched a new campaign for the TAB that has continued on from last year’s successful ‘Your Call’ campaign (which included the best example of psychic poultry the world may have ever seen) with a new effort that aims to show the ‘weekend’s for calls’.  





landed at Sugar & Partners and a fantastic brief for TAB Sport landed on my
desk at the same instant,” says executive creative director Damon O’Leary. “…We
wanted to make putting on a bet on the weekend’s game synonomous with the buzz
of the weekend. Tom and Ben are the perfect pair to remind
typical Kiwis to break the shackles of the week and put a few cheeky bets on
the weekend’s big games.”

Along with outgoing creative Tim Huse, O’Leary and
creative team Dan Nelson and Genevieve Chunn developed the characters—and their pratfalls—further and the agency brought back Robber’s Dog
director Luke Shanahan, who shot the original campaign through 8com before shifting to Robber’s Dog, to bring the scripts to life.

Amongst other media, the campaign consists
of four television spots and online, including a ‘Checkin’ with the Chicken’
interactive banner, where the prediction chicken ‘reacts’ to proposed


Creative Team: Damon O’Leary, Tim Huse, Dan Nelson, Genevieve Chunn.

Digital Art Director: Vikki Cheng

Managing Partner: Jeremy Johnston

Account Service team: Sonya Berrigan,
Campbell Maclean, Aimee Knox

Digital Producer: Wictoria Markula

Agency TV Producer: Liz Rosby

Clients: David Craig, Darren Quirk.

Production company: Robber’s Dog

Director: Luke Shanahan

Producer: Mark Foster

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