A tweet oh so fowl

Australian fast food chain Chicken Treat has handed its social media account to an actual chicken named Betty. But this isn’t the usual automated tweet approach. Instead, Chicken Treat has put a keyboard in a chicken’s coop and allows the chicken to peck away at whatever keys it chooses. And from the absolute gibberish that has been tweeted thus far, it’s evident that this chicken is not gifted in the literary arts.     

The Twitter campaign has been launched alongside a TV ad, which has in turn given the chicken enough reach to turn it into something of a social media sensation.  

Betty follows in the stead of BG the honey badger and the innocuously named Mary-Lee the great white shark in terms of animals that are active on Twitter. However, in the other instances the tweets were crafted by humans and simply triggered when the animals were in certain locations. Betty, on the other hand, is in complete control of what she tweets.  


On the topic of handing over social media reins to someone (or something) else, Guardian reporter Paula Cocozza last year handed her Twitter account to digital agency Liberty842. And her report on the social experiment provides what could potentially be a glimpse into the future when busy people start appointing professional social media managers to their accounts. 

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