The Compendium: 11 October

It feels like this is trying to be a Nike spot yet also piling the pressure on a single person to have to be everything to their families. The emotion misses the mark entirely. 

This had us feeling a little nostalgic for times gone by – remember when you used to get a stamp in your passport?! Cool to see female pilots too. 

Something a little different and humourous, so thumbs up to Purelygreat, however women are sadly still labelled witches for just doin’ their thang and subverting conventional norms regardless of the time period 🙁 

When you have to go big and take a risk – make sure it’s the best one possible. To be honest, I just like the pretty cakes they made in this. 

This is a clever idea from V2C – turning old bikes that have been dumped into Amsterdam’s canals into bottle openers. Top marks also for resourcefulness and environmentalism and also your bottle opener will be unique so you can show off to your friends. Now if only people could stop chucking their bikes into the canals…

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