The Compendium: 4 October

Honestly, this ad isn’t in English and it doesn’t even need to be. The comedic timing and legendary acting by The Hoff himself are all we need for what I can only describe as a masterpiece second only to the classic 2009 lesser-known Hasselhoff music video, Jump in my car. 

The apocalypse is nigh! The mighty have fallen! Jif Peanut Butter is the only thing left to live for! The ad is dramatic as and relatable as. With her priorities in check, our hero braves the end of the world to eat her favourite peanut butter brand out of the jar with a spoon while sitting on the floor. We have all been there (minus the part about aliens). 

Canada has released its first no-name campaign for its No Name brand, very meta. It’s awkward, it’s simple, it’s funny, it’s extremely yellow. A low cognitive effort for an effective campaign. 6/10. 

While we will never be able to forget THAT Pepsi spot, Kendall is back in commercials with the leading role in Polish high-street brand Reserved. She looks like she’s livin’ the sweet life but it does feel like a cheap version of a wannabe Fellini film before it transitions into a 90s-esque spot and then an inexplicable change into a mermaid. 

Burger King Mexico filmed American tourists trying to handle its newest super spicy burger – Mango Habanero King. Needless to say, the spots are short and full of fire. 

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