The Compendium: 18 October

Skittles has released its first Halloween ad in ten years, throwing it back to one of their original Halloween witch spots. Beware of witches who promise a lifetime supply of free Skittles, but also beware of teens that agree to such terms with little or no forethought. Yelling at an annoying half-naked man to get out of my house seems like the real Halloween threat here. 

Plant me some Stevia and call me a middle-aged white woman because I love this ad. In a humble nod to our cannabis growing folks, sugar denouncing individuals are threatening to grow their own Stevia – stick it to the man, fuck capitalism. Yet the spot makes a very good point, that denouncing corporations is hard work and we can’t be bothered. 

If this ad makes you uncomfortable then it’s doing its job. The menstrual movement is one that promotes providing free menstrual products for women in poverty, who often have to use toilet paper, cardboard or other items to be able to be out in public. Menstrual products should be subsidised, end of story. 

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