TVCs of the Week: 9 July

Who’s it for: The Co-operative Bank by Y&R and Robber’s Dog

Why we like it: A contrary and entertaining take on the typically negative public response to banks announcing record profits—and a great way to show how ‘New Zealand’s newest bank’ differs from the rest of the pack by sharing the love. Extra points for including the guy in hospital with a toilet seat stuck on his head. 

Who’s it for: Freeview by True and Flying Fish 

Why we like it: Unashamedly silly and in line with the humorous style of the previous ads, New Zealand’s version of Eddie Murphy shows his diverse method acting skills—and the range of content available for free on Freeview. 

Who’s it for: ANZ by TBWA\ and Curious

Why we like it: Not many words required in this one, just smell the fart acting, moments of clarity and blue synapses firing, which is a nice change from the smug Aussie telling us what we’re thinking. 

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