Calling out to all social media rockstar guru ninjas!

Are you a social media guru? Do you want to show the world how guru-ey your social-fu is? Then Social Media Stars is the show for you!

The US reality show pits social media experts against each other as they tackle social media related challenges. All the while documenting the drama caused while living together in a Miami mansion. It’s Jersey Shore meets #SMCAKL.

The show’s producer has put out a casting call for social media rockstars. 

“If your friends ask you to “teach them Twitter” and their jaws drop when you’re done, we want YOU!” reads the website.

At first we couldn’t tell if Social Media Stars was real or a very poignant piece of satire. Seeing as the creator and executive producer Chris Lavoie has another oddly-themed reality show (about hotshot recruiters) we’re willing to give it the benefit of the doubt.

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