TVCs of the Week: 9 August

Who’s it for: Kiwibank by Assignment and Flying Fish

Why we like it: Naming your competitors in an ad is an aggressive, and potentially risky ploy, but it creates some intrigue at the start. And it gives viewers a reason to look more deeply at why all these humans have decided to switch banks. Good track, nicely shot and pretty ballsy. 

Who’s it for: Otago University by Zephyr and Gorgeous

Why we like it: The Uni’s first singalong ad was slightly cringey (mostly because of the Nickelback-style track), but the 2013 version benefits from a freshening up and, unlike some of the country’s other academic institutions, it continues to focus on the appeal of the student experience rather than on the facilities. And not a burning couch in sight. 

Who’s it for: Telecom by Consortium and Exit 

Why we like it: When it comes to choosing a telco provider, price will always be a concern for the country’s many small to medium enterprises. But having someone who understands the business and can press the flesh if required is also important. And this simple but nicely made spot shows Telecom’s Business Hubs can help with that. 

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