TVCs of the Week: 17 February

Who’s it for: Land Rover by Y&R NZ, Sacha Moore and Ben Ruffell

Why we like it: It was a simple idea, but the execution was complex. And they absolutely nailed it, getting the perfect reaction from the recipients and a whole heap of social media love as a result. Get out the chequebook Mr Kane, you’ve got awards to enter. 

Who’s it for: 2degrees by Special Group​

Why we like it: One of the first major brand spots for the telco that doesn’t feature Rhys Darby’s pratfalling. He’s done a bloody good job as mascot, but the company has grown up a lot since it launched and this ad for its new data-heavy plans seems to fit with its evolution into a more serious player. 

Who’s it for: Westpac by DDB and Scoundrel

Why we like it: Westpac’s comically paranoid tin-foil hat-wearing man was an elaborate way of showing a product benefit. And so is Captain Destructo, a well-meaning, aspiring supervillain with space issues. Points for showing a common problem in a memorable way.  

Who’s it for: Wendy’s by &some and Ondigital

Why we like it: Their singing is completely out of sync and this is more proof, if any were needed, that sports stars aren’t very good actors. But the idea of making beats with burger ingredients is interesting and the Warriors stars laughing at themselves, mispronouncing brioche (again) and pulling some eyebrow stunts is likely to appeal to the target market. Add in the re-appearance of Dave, and there’s a fair bit of lo-fi charm on display. 

Who’s it for: Eclipse Mints by DDB Sydney and The Sweet Shop

Why we like it: A rehash of this spot for the Asian market, but Kiwi Damien Shatford has created a similarly surreal showcase of the unifying power of minty fresh breath. Quite possibly the only time a dead body in a bag has been used to sell confectionery. 

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