Westpac keeps the madvertising flowing, introduces unlikely brand mascot Captain Destructo

There was a fair bit of love for Westpac and DDB’s tale of a comically paranoid man on StopPress last week. And it’s followed that up with another fairly mad ad introducing Captain Destructo, a mad scientist/Kiwi dad/aspiring supervillain called Steve with grand plans—and, of course, the need for some financial assistance. 

The first spot created an elaborate comical scenario in order to show a product benefit. And they’ve done it again by highlighting the common family issue of not having enough space at home—although for very atypical reasons—and the suite of loan options it has. 

As it says: “Captain Destructo’s collection of supervillain stuff is starting to do more evil than good to the family home. He’s filled up the garage and it’s now encroaching on the house. Fortunately, the entire family is in agreement that a new, larger home is the answer, and Westpac has the home loan options to help.” 

“Steve’s fortunate to have such a loving wife, and adoring children who, instead of making him give up his plans for world-domination, suggest upgrading to a home more suitable for his hobby,” says Shane Bradnick, DDB’s executive creative director. “It’s another fun piece of work for Westpac, using humour to bring to light home-truths and in this case, highlight home loans.” 

Banks and supervillains: a match made in heaven. 



Head of Brand & Marketing: Oliver Lynch

Mass Marketing Director: Andrew Twidle

Marketing Lead – Housing: Liz Byers

Marketing Manager: Mark Garland

Marketing Executive: Nathan MacKenzie

DDB Group New Zealand

Chief Creative Officer: Damon Stapleton

Executive Creative Director: Shane Bradnick

Senior Copywriter: Rory McKechnie

Senior Art Director: Adam Thompson, Nicole Sykes

Managing Partner: Elizabeth Beatty

Account Director: Mark Wilson

Senior Account Manager: Deepika Goundar

Account Executive: Kate Coppersmith

Planning Director: Rupert Price

Executive Producer: Judy Thompson

Agency TV Producer: Samantha Royal

Production Company: Scoundrel

Director: Tim Bullock

Executive Producer: Adrian Shapiro

DOP: John Toon

Production Designer: Neville Stevenson

Offline Editor: Adam Wills

Online: Blockhead

Sound Design: The Coopers

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