TVCs of the Week: 13 August

Who’s it for: Cadbury by DDB and Thick as Thieves

Why we like it: Making people’s dreams come true is prime fodder for brands hoping to tap into the warm fuzzy factor, and with its unrelenting focus on joy, Cadbury is most definitely in that category. Looking forward to seeing the elf with big as wings. Wonder if they make the one about your teeth falling out a reality. Oh, wait…

Who’s it for: Regina by Drew Ayers and Jeneal Rohrback and Assembly

Why we like it: The classic Kiwi confectionery brand Regina is back on the shelves with a new look and a range of new products. And the quirky ads focusing on the first world problem-solving abilities of its sweet confections capture the spirit of the brand. The (slightly more whimsical) Whittaker’s of the lolly category? 

Who’s it for: New Zealand’s Got Talent by TVNZ Blacksand

​Why we like it: It’s hard to believe there’s any talent left in New Zealand. But TVNZ has been seeking it out for the past few months for season two of NZ’s Got Talent. And Blacksand has captured the aspirational nature of these kinds of shows (and the Toyota moneyshots) pretty well. 

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