Telecom: Vodafone changes ads; Vodafone: We’re changing nothing

Telecom and Vodafone both announced today that Telecom has dropped court proceedings against Vodafone, after the latter’s SuperNet advertising ruffled some feathers.

Telecom claims that Vodafone’s SuperNet advertising was misleading, as it described Vodafone’s broadband as the “best” and “fastest” network. Unsurprisingly, Telecom wasn’t thrilled.

However Telecom says Vodafone has made changes that are “sufficient” to drop legal proceedings, and the case has instead been referred to the Commerce Commission.

These changes include removing the word ‘fastest’ from advertising and adding disclaimers about 4G availability.

“In proceedings due to be heard next week, we were seeking an interim injunction requiring Vodafone to change certain aspects of the campaign on the basis they breached the Fair Trading Act 1986, as in our view they were misleading and likely to deceive consumers,” says Telecom retail chief executive Chris Quin.

“Given the changes now made, we have achieved this immediate objective.”

However, Vodafone says Telecom’s statement about these changes is “insincere”. 

“To ensure all of our statements are crystal clear for customers, we added some extra explanations to a couple of ads, specifically around the availability of 4G and our ultra fast broadband.  We were not compelled to do this as a result of this court action,” says Vodafone consumer director Matt Williams.

“We have not changed our overall claim that the Vodafone SuperNet is the superior network for landline, mobile, TV and broadband. Telecom is no longer challenging this.”

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