Two teams, one cup

Australians are renowned for their dignity, manners and good grace. So it’s no surprise to see a bunch of ex-Wallabies erecting a billboard that offers the All Blacks a warm welcome to Australia for the Bledisloe Cup. 

There’s plenty of obligatory accent bashing involved. And apparently ex-captain Nathan Sharpe, who’s now a commentator, actually wrote the line that ended up on the massive billboard outside Sydney airport.

Volvo isn’t actually a sponsor of the Qantas Wallabies. That would be Lexus. It does support some Super 15 teams and this stunt is part of its ‘Doing out bit for Australian rugby’ campaign. But, like the Steinlager-Heineken scenario during the Rugby World Cup, it can be beneficial to take the ambush approach. 

Here’s what Volvo did during the Lion’s tour. 

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