TVCs of the Week: 12 November

Who’s it for: NZ Story by Assignment Group and Curious Film

Why we like it: A good initiative from the guvmint to put a bit more focus on the innovative businesses this country is creating—and their desire to establish more international connections—without veering too far away from what’s worked well with the consumer-focused 100% Pure campaign. Beauty and brains in one three-chapter package. 

Who’s it for: BNZ by Colenso BBDO and Revolver

Why we like it: A nice continuation of the ‘Power of a Dollar’ brand ad through to this new credit card product. And good to see some dirty fingers in advertising. 

Who’s it for: Skype by Pereira & O’Dell and Station Film

Why we like it: Stretching the Kiwi connection a bit here, but this tear-jerker was line produced by Curious, so that’s enough for us. And while the ad could be accused of showing the limitations of Skype, the three minute spot still works a treat. 

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