TVCs of the week: 10 February

Who’s it for: Westpac by DDB and Scoundrel

Why we like it: This cute OCD tinfoil-behatted man represents an accumulation of that fear in all of us, which Westpac has cleverly tapped into … and the spot definitely gets extra points for the awesome soundtrack and the crow scene. 

Who’s it for: Kiwibank by Assignment Group and Flying Fish

Why we like it: We all like puns and Kiwibank have done a great job of tying the phrase ‘IndepenDance’ into its overarching brand positioning, which focuses on it being 100 percent Kiwi-owned. While there were several videos released as part of the campaign, this particular video of meat processor ‘Independence meat’ (funnily enough) is strangely reminiscent of Beyonce’s ‘All the Single Ladies’ video, which incidentally is also about independence.

Who’s it for: The Heart Foundation by Barnes, Catmur & Friends and Flying Fish

Why we like it: By representing the disease as a human being it somehow seems more pertinent and gets the message through a bit clearer, certainly a lot clearer than reading a bunch of statistics about heart disease. It also gets across the message that in some cases death can be prevented if people “take precautions”.

Who’s it for: Air New Zealand by Host Sydney

Why we like it: It’s certainly nice to have a change from the what seems like age-old “Middle of Middle Earth” campaign and this latest instalment of “Meanwhile … in New Zealand” reflects the country’s beautiful scenery (shot in Wanaka) and the Kiwi sense of adventure nicely. It’s fast-paced and features two men (the tortoise and the hare) hooning down a mountain on their bikes, following the familiar format of the tale, with the tortoise coming out on top.

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