The wonder of mind wandering

Apparently, idle hands are the devil’s plaything. So, with mobile phones ensuring there are very few idle hands these days, you might think that’s a good thing. But what does that devotion to the screen mean for creativity? And should we be switching off and looking around rather than down? A project by WYNC podcast New Tech City thinks so and it’s aiming to get people to appreciate the joy of spacing out with Bored and Brilliant

“The goal is to get you rethinking your relationship with technology and to start thinking more creatively by testing your tech habits in a series of challenges. Since the spread of smartphones began, boredom has become an endangered species. Spare moments where daydreaming used to manifest have become extra email checks or candies crushed. That might be a problem, because … boredom can in fact beget creativity.” 

Check out the daily challenges and read the FAQs here

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