Tuatara tickles fancies as Tip Top ‘Tongue’ Twista takes December Ad Impact title

Youtube VideoIt hasn’t been a particularly ice block friendly summer in New Zealand. But at least the ice block advertising looks to be of good quality, because, for the second month in a row, ice blocks have run away with Colmar Brunton’s Ad Impact Award after Tip Top’s ‘Tongue Twista’ Popsicle ad was judged the winner of the December round.

Tongue Twister is a new ice block aimed at kids, with a sweet blackcurrant water ice shell covering a sour apple centre. It’s not the most typical of flavour profiles on the market, but, in a similar fashion to the Ice Bar Co., Tip Top was aiming to extend the age appeal for popsicle, while adding an element of fun and exhilaration to this well-loved treat.

“Our research showed that sour is a very popular taste in confectionary and that unusual flavours and textures challenge growing tastebuds,” says Simon Reech, brand manager, kids. “The colour combination and perfect balance of sweet and sour is something exciting for little consumers to enjoy this summer.”

Building on this point of difference, the ad, which was created by Colenso BBDO and Toybox, shows a tuatara-esque lizard getting his tongue around the new Popsicle and passing out from the taste explosion. The all-knowing internet suggests the tuatara “has a thick tongue and grabs or bites prey rather than flicking out its tongue the way a lizard does”, but Reech says they used some creative license by giving our native reptile a long tongue to fit the product’s name as they felt “he was the perfect fit for a Kiwi brand”.

The vibrant colours and cartoon appealed directly to kids, while the guarantee of no artificial colours, sweetners or flavours, and the 97 percent real fruit juice composition, was directed at parents. “We wanted to reassure them it was an acceptable treat,” says Reech. Succint and effective, the ad has proven to be popular so far and sales are meeting expectations.

“This ad appeals to the Kiwi sense of humour, standing out from other ice block ads, which are plentiful at this time of year,” says Harriet Dixon, senior account manager at Colmar Brunton.

As well as its win for the Ice Bar Co., Tip Top also scooped the Ad Impact Award last January with its FruJu “ooh aah” ad, which revived the well-loved ‘it’s gonna get ya’ jingle.

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