Kicking buts and singing songs

Youtube Video

Who’s it for:Open Polytechnic by Ogilvy Wellington, Firstlight Productions and Teaspoon Films.

Why we like it: A very well-made and engaging TVC that backs up the successful Open World campaign and zeroes in on the Open Polytechnic’s main competitive advantage: relative freedom. With time increasingly of the essence these days, it shows potential students that they can get a world-class education from the comfort of their computer. Extra points for cheesy punmanship with ‘kicking buts’.

Youtube Video

Who’s it for: NZTA by Clemenger BBDO

Why we like it: Taking a leaf out of the book of Geoff Mack and John Grennell (or is it this guy?), the Country Calendar catchiness of the NZTA’s driver fatigue ads is bound to give you a bad case of song-rash. See the other two patriotic ditties here.

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