Triumph over Trump: EightyOne creates POTUS inspired ‘Trumbers’

At least something good has come from the political ‘hot-mess’ that is Donald Trump, and that is a wide comedy of errors that EightyOne have incredibly turned into a free downloadable Trump-inspired numerical keyboard.

EightyOne have followed up their controversial Trumpface alphabet with Trumbers, a funny take on the numbers that make up 4 years of the 45th president.

At first glance there are some obvious jabs, number two building a wall, number three is him motor-boating a pair of titties, all things intrinsic to his monotone personality.

Personal favourites include number six, the devil as seen from above, and number eight, Trump as a Russian doll.

The typeface is a hilarious jab at the sheer inadequacy of a single man who has managed to highlight of his own failures again and again.

Download Trumpface here.

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