Five teasings in one day: Tourism New Zealand lures young travellers with extreme quintuple treat

Ever felt the urge to go for a casual skydive, snowboard, mountain bike, bungee and jet boat ride all in under an hour? Did you know that this was even possible? Well, a new video from Tourism New Zealand confirms it most definitely is.

5X1NZ is the latest part of Tourism New Zealand’s ‘Five more from here’ campaign, which aims to entice young, adrenalin-fueled travellers to visit. It was created by WhybinTBWA Sydney and shot by Heckler. 

“Only in a country like ours, where there are so many things to do in such close proximity, could you experience all five of these extreme sports in one day,” says Andrew Fraser, Tourism New Zealand’s director of marketing.

Tourism New Zealand wanted to ensure that it wasn’t only its stuntman, Red Bull-sponsored Chuck Berry, that had the opportunity to experience this combination of activities. Using its partnership with STA, tourists will be able to purchase a package that lets them do all five of the sports in one day.

The ‘Five more from here’ campaign will roll out this month across Australia, USA, UK, Germany, Brazil and Japan, New Zealand’s major youth markets. Tourism New Zealand’s marketing approach is focused almost exclusively on digital channels these days and social media will play a key role in the campaign as it calls on its partners to extend the reach of the campaign.

The youth sector accounts for 22 percent of total arrivals and are a priority sector for Tourism New Zealand to help drive higher value visitors to New Zealand. Aged 18-29, youth travellers have the potential to stay longer than other visitors, travel more widely and get involved in a wider range of activities, meaning they are likely to spend more while they are here, presenting significant value for New Zealand. 

Subaru and Weetbix have both run ads with similar multi-sport concepts in the past.

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