0 to 60 in two billion seconds

“The average human goes from 0 to 60 in less than two billion seconds,” says the narrator in the new BMW spot via Ogilvy’s  Gurgaon branch in India. And during the 44 seconds of the ad, this premise is visually represented through a series of photographs and short video clips showing the progression of a person moving from youth to old age in only a few seconds, and tying in perfectly to the ‘Don’t postpone joy’ positioning of the new campaign.  

And while time-lapsed videos are by no means new to advertising, the execution in this instance really makes the viewer reflect on how quickly life has drifted by. However, whether that serves as the impetus to purchase a ridiculously expensive German automobile really depends on what’s important to the individual watching the clip.  

On the topic of time-lapsed photographic biographies, here’s a link to Noah Kalina’s latest YouTube clip of the ongoing project, which has seen him take a photograph of himself every day for over a decade.

And, in the event that Kalina’s emotionless deathstare frightens you as much as a Colin Craig campaign poster, then perhaps this video of Christoph Rehage growing a beard—and generally just having a good time on his travels—is more suited to your viewing requirements.  

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