ThinkTV urges marketers to act fast or lose airtime with triple whammy looming

Perhaps it’s just us, but the year seems to be flying by and between the Rugby World Cup, Christmas and that little ‘ole thing called the general election, the second half will inevitably go faster. And if you’re an advertiser, ThinkTV says it’s you who’d better speed up to get “plum” advertising positioning.

“By itself a shorter Christmas period will have retailers sweating, but this year they also have to contend with the distraction of, and advertising for, the general election on 26 November, traditionally one of the busier shopping weekends of the year”, says ThinkTV chief executive Rick Friesen.

The general election broadcast monetary allocation of $3.28 million for official election advertising, plus fewer restrictions of third party advertisers, will also contribute to tight availability in November. Each party receives a weighted allocation of the fund for advertising across broadcast, print, outdoor and online and TV advertising historically rates highly within the marketing mix for major parties.

Friesen adds that having a home Rugby World Cup and general election within the two busiest retail months is an “unusual occurrence”.

Solid results in the second half of the year are common enough, with revenue typically increasing by 25-30 percent from the first half of the year. Meanwhile the fourth quarter traditionally puts in an even stronger performance but this time round,  both MediaWorks and TVNZ have noticed a particularly strong spike.

MediaWorks TV director of sales Linda Farrelly says television activity is higher than it has been for some time.

“We have had very positive feedback from the market around our Q4 ratecard, strong programming lineup and client’s television plans for the last quarter of 2011,” she says, adding that events like Bathurst and the Melbourne Cup provide further boosts.

As for TVNZ’s head of sales and marketing Paul Maher, he says forward demand has been “unprecedented” resulting in the broadcaster gaining “a lot of confidence in continued market recovery”.




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